They are between 32 and 36 level

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LEVELS 43-60. Spotted Kebbits. Head to the Matthias outside Falconer Region and let from him Gyr Falcon to get 500 gold. Within this area, you might even collect seen fur that's utilized to make seen capes. Bring with you bonecrusher too, because it will automatically bury bones reducing your time spend picking items up.

LEVELS 60-67. Red Salamanders. Although to grab this kind of Salamander you need just 59 hunter it's advised to begin this procedure from 60. With this level you will have the ability to place four cubes at a time dramatically boosting your exp gains. After you arrive close to Castle Wars head north until you find lava filled location. You can catch Red Salamanders there by putting traps. Bring with yourself 4 ropes and 4 fishing nets for traps and begin hunting.

Red Chinchompa. On levels as large as 80 you want to make some gain when training your Hunter. The best choice to begin with is Red Chins. They are exceptionally profitable since most players will probably be using them to increase the rate of coaching Ranged skill. Although you want only 63 hunter to start training there it is highly advised to have at least 80 hunter prior to coming to this place. This will allow players to use a maximum number of cubes accentuating both exp and gold made per hour. Completing Western Provinces Diary pursuit might also be required since it unlocks crimson chinchompa hunting floor where players will face less competition concerning audience than in other places. In addition, don't overlook Eagle's Peak pursuit because you will want it to set box cubes.

Black Chinchompa. Though ginger cousins are extremely rewarding to catch they aren't best searching mob that you can farm on. Black Chinchompas are most rewarding Hunter creatures which you can farm on both in terms of expertise and in gold made. These fluffy squirrels can make you twice as much gain as Red Chins but there is a catch.

They are between 32 and 36 level of wilderness which is a common location for player killers. If you would like to catch chins in this place it would be highly recommended to bring with you good food and armor. If you're being attacked running back to level 30 Wilderness may be an option but you need to be mindful about Teleblock spellout. As location of Chinchompas is within this dangerous lands you have the ability to put one additional snare. Just like with Red Chins - Don't overlook that Eagle's Peak quest has to be completed to place box traps.

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