Dr Kim Patrick Murray MD

Dr. Kim Patrick Murray, MD
1801 NE 123rd St #315, North Miami, FL 33181 1801 NE 123rd St #315, North Miami, FL 33181
Miami, FL 33181
United States
Dr. Kim Patrick Murray is a specialized Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeon/Otolaryngologist practicing in North Miami, FL. Dr. Murray’s specialty is performing surgery on the nose and sinus cavities. His focus is on helping people breathe properly and making their faces look beautiful. Dr. Murray has been practicing for over 18 years, six of them in private practice. His guiding mission statement is “giving you the nose you should have been born with.” Dr. Murray believes in listening to his patients to find out exactly what they want. He will do a 3D simulation of your nose and then use his surgical skills to make that happen.
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