Freight elevator

reight elevators include machine room cargo elevators, machine room-free cargo elevators, explosion-proof cargo elevators, combined with cutting-edge elevator engineering technology, using a powerful drag system and highly reinforced mechanical structure design. It can operate normally in harsh environments.
Zhejiang Aoma Elevator Co., Ltd. is located in Nanxun, Huzhou, Zhejiang, China. Nanxun is a veritable smart elevator town. The smart town takes the entire elevator manufacturing as its core, integrates leading elevator parts companies, introduces high-end technical talents, realizes technological innovation and builds China's leading elevator characteristic industry.
We know that each customer has different requirements for elevators, which is why customization is our top priority. Another feature we are proud of is that we provide customers with free elevator general drawings before placing orders, customize products according to customers' requirements and attach a complete English assembly instruction manual to the final delivery for customers understand that our custom products work without difficulty.

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