UltimateGameCard isn't yet available in the US

Almyra, AR 85001
United States
Game card. Jagex says they sell Game Cards, through which you can obtain a membership number. I visited the US store however, Europe is not open. There were no game cards! I'd appreciate any assistance in making a payment. UltimateGameCard isn't yet available in the US!

"... With the communication portal back up, Azzanadra was able to talk to Zaros once again! "The situation is back in balance. You've heard that Zamorak can only be described as a pretender-god. For a mortal to assume such power is really not a good idea for balance." The Mahjarrat story continues with "The Temple at Senntisten", the new adventure. And with it, guess who's back?

That's right It's true Zaros, the Lord of Empty will be revived! But what's his true intention? What is his plan to return? Zamorak and Zaros were warriors who were betrayed by Zaros during the Second Age. In a series of events, Zamorak gained the Staff of Armadyl. This was the weapon Zaros sought for himself to be stronger than any other gods. There is more information on this in the Curse of Zaros miniquest (AKA Ghostly Robes).

"The Empty Lord was a god of great power, was stronger than anyone else alive at the time, and Zamorak, was just mortal, a Mahjarrat soldier in the same way and with all the power and strength is associated with it, yet a mortal nevertheless. When you saw Zamorak fight, you would not consider him a'mere anything'...He was war!

A flurry of strikes after another that he rained down on the Empty Lord. Although the castle walls were shaken by their power and shook the Empty Lord didn't collapse. Even with the weapon of a god embedded in his back, the battle continued with every blow, and our victory seemed less and less certain. ..."

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