These stars from Serie A are the highest FUT 23

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These stars from Serie A are the highest averaged players in the league. As such, gamers should pay attention to the players from Serie A when selecting teams.

Serie A is the highest league of football in Italy. The league consists of 20 teams with various aims, which they try to accomplish by the final day of the season. In recent years it has become apparent that the quality of the league has declined however that hasn't stopped talented players from joining the teams.

The new league kicked off just a few months ago, the people who follow the game will hope that their favourite teams will be able to take home their share of the fame. Seria Fans looking to elevate their game to the next degree can always check out EA's FIFA 23, which has updated ratings for players. Like every new FIFA game the attention is focused on the highest-rated players from the league.

Wojciech Szczesny was the primary goalkeeper at Juventus over the past several years. He joined the club in 2017, and in his first year, he gained the status of being one of the top goalkeepers in Serie A.

Unfortunately, the teams of Szczesny and Juventus have entered a phase of decline. Although they won the title for nine seasons in succession but they've finished outside the top three clubs in the last two seasons. Despite his inconsistent performances, his rating has only been reduced by 1 point, which means that his rating is still at 86 in FIFA 23 his card is graded at 85.
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