There are many islands within Lost Ark that you can

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As per the rules, you are allowed seven minutes to complete each level. Each level is divided into four gates; at the beginning of each gate, you will have to defeat an Elite. The good news is that you can have unlimited lives, with five seconds. Also, you'll meet an ultimate boss at the beginning of the Thronespire dungeon.

Los Ark's Wrath Of The Covetous Legion Update delayed because of "Critical Problem"

The latest update to Lost Ark's website was delayed by few hours. According to the official Lost Ark Twitter account warned of a "critical issue" leading to the delay, but without providing any details about what could be the reason. As of the time of writing, the North as well as South America servers are back in operation, as is servers on the European Central server. Europe West is expected to be back online at 7 pm CST.

Today's update, Wrath Of The Covetous Legion adds several different activities that are available to Lost Ark. One of the most popular is the Vykas Legion Raid, which puts heroes up against the feared Covetous Legion to take on Legion members and Legion Commandant Vykas in her "Garden of Crimson Delight." The raid supports maximum eight participants and is not able to revive mid-battle to make every second count.
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