The reason for this is that 2K

The challenges will allow you to take on a variety of tasks and in all MyTeam modes, solo or multiplayer, 3v3 or shoot, clutch, or triple double. They illustrate perfectly most pressing issues of the game: the difficulty it presents to beginners. If you're a player with a high level of skill, all this is only a formality or almost, for casuals or players with more than doubtful talent (present! ) the challenges that are offered are sometimes synonymous with Everest to be able to walk in sandals.

The reason for this is that 2K does not have a sterner set of expectations to be met (on contrary, in general) however, the gameplay has become much more demanding as a result of the launch of the next generation. Shooting has become a necessity. The AI ? ?is much more aggressive, which makes 3v3 a lot more difficult. This makes it more difficult to be a part of the insanity of multiplayer in which the weak or even average player is no chance of hitting his ball.

One solution is to practice. Or stay on the sidelines. Here's where we might be surprised when we realize that the more MyTeam is made available in its reach, the more it can connect with a wide range of users and increase the image of its owner on the market of selling packs of cards. But in fact, it's the exact opposite: MyTeam is very exclusive that is infuriating the casu.

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