The material to make it's a rare ore that

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Requirements: You need to have the ability to defeat a level 250 and level 200 monster. Speak with King Vargas and inquire if he has any jobs for you. Apparently the king was working on some sort of monster - and experimentation, of sorts - to use as a castle guardian, because apparently there have been a lot of recent Troll attacks and his knights are barely able to defeat them. Inform him that you can help him and he'll inform you the General Willus is in charge of the undertaking and can let you know what supplies you need to produce the monster.

Speak with him and he will inform you you'll need some Precious Metal, which can be dropped by Trolls on the island also is untradeable. Trolls are just around level 25 - 40 and fall the metallic everytime. Get ten of these and bring them back to him. Nowadays you have to smith the metals into a body to the creature. Nowadays you need to produce legs from boards. Get 20 planks and use a hammer and a few nails on them to create four legs. Bring these to Willus and now he would like you to make a tail. Get about ten cowhides, tan them, and then put them together using a needle and string. Today Willus would like you to build the head.

Behind the castle is a ladder which leads underground. Go down it and you will find 3 paths. Take the path at the middle and you'll discover a large open area with a bunch of level 250 demons. Kill them and it'll drop its mind. Use the head with some fabric (you want 10) and cover it with a needle and string. Receive a team from Zaff or a different participant and use it with the head to turn it into a head on a stick.

Being it to Willus along with the creature is going to be completed. Of course such creature's do not just come to life. Willus will provide you a letter to bring to Merlin requesting that he will help to bring the monster to life. Merlin doesn't wish to support the creature, so bribe him with 50gp. He gives you some Magical Essence and tells you that it can be smithed into a heart. Use it using an anvil to get a Magical Heart. (gives 500 Smithing experience)

Bring the guts to Willus to fill out the creature. Now a cutscene will play along with the creature will crack down a castle wall and also dip to the sea where you can't get to it. Yet. Talk to Willus and he'll tell you about a magical armor called"Merma Armor" that allows one to breathe underwater.

The material to make it's a rare ore that may only be found submerged. Get your swimming gear and have Murphy bring you submerged. Near the crabs is a crack in the stone which you can go through (50 Agility demanded ) to get to an underwater mine that has the ore you want. Mine about 25 of these and then head back to Willus. He provides you with a Magical Chisel. You want 60 Defence to utilize it.

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