The issue isn't selling spins for money

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The Squeal is a poor value for the money. That's a valid point. Jagex should improve the value of the Squeal to ensure that players don't have to go to other sites for RWT. Only 1% will be able successfully fund xp increases. Although I haven't bought a spin yet, my character has seen an increase in his level from just the squeal.

Yelp was replaced recently by the dark trolling... I didn’t notice it. It will become apparent next time I sign in or finish quests. If Jagex cease to make money and the game begins to fall... Then keep the sound of a squeal. Other than lamps, offer prizes. And make them tradeable! I won two fish masks in the Squeal. Today, I'm thrilled at their skyrocketing price on GE. At present, they're over 3 mil apiece.

You're enjoying nearly every update, excluding WoFibc's updates, which are targeted at players groups. Yes! Jagex does a lot right! I believe that a large part of the motivation that fueled the squeal in the first place is the fact that many people bemoan "the grind." Jagex addressed that issue by creating the squeal, which allows people to accelerate their progress (and offering skill lamps as a prize).

It's all very good and well. The issue isn't selling spins for money, but giving away skill lamps as common prizes. What's more, what's particularly irritating is the hypocrisy. Jagex shouts bloody murder every time they are involved in RWT. However, they run their own RWT strategy.

Yes, I did read the OP. However I decided to put a different spin on it, while answering the key questions If you believe that this list of bullet points is accurate, should the SoF be shut down or be replaced? For Jagex they're fighting (at a minimum) three strikes in an extremely competitive and regularly changing industry;

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