Squegg – Hand Stress Balls

1114 NW 131st Ave Pembroke Pines
Pembroke Pines, FL 33028
United States
24 hours, 7 days a week
With SQUEGG, grip training is made fun and hand therapy is made simple. Through the companion iOS/Android app, your reps are recorded discreetly even with the app minimized. Your progress is seamlessly stored online. Just pair it via Bluetooth to your smartphone and get a grip throughout the day!
Measure your grip to set a personal benchmark. Whenever you go to the Measure section of the app, you’ll get an instant grip strength reading on your smartphone which works even with the app minimized or your phone locked.
Squeeze every day and see your grip strength improve while tracking your progress.

Monitor your progress everyday through the visually appealing statistics page. The statistics page shows your personal best each day so that you can see how you’re faring in your daily training.
Keep an eye on your daily stats and aim to make them better each day. That’s how progress is made.

The Improve section of the app offers a number of interactive challenges including a new isometric exercise that can help lower blood pressure. Cycle through them for different ways to train your grip.
• PRECISE DIGITAL HAND GRIP TRAINER & HAND STRENGTHENER - Measure your grip strength using your smartphone via Bluetooth to the Squegg Digital Dynamometer up to 100 kg/220 lbs. The exciting built-in games feature allows you to build strength while competing with your friends, motivating you to achieve your goal in a fun, engaging manner.

• REAL TIME DATA PROGRESS - Our Grip Smart Trainer tracks your improvements daily with the help of the Squegg matching app. Real time progress updates keep track of your sessions and development. Like, the gradual increment or decline record will be available instantly and also daily, weekly or monthly on your smartphone.
• SAVE YOUR SQUEGG INFORMATION VIA CLOUD BACKUP - Store your records in the Squegg app. Set up a user profile to create an online database and keep your Hand Grip Strengthener information and progress reports safe and easily accessible whenever and wherever you want.
• SKIN-FRIENDLY DELICATE SILICONE SHELL FOR HAND THERAPY - Get a proper grip with Squegg’s ergonomic design silicone shell squeeze ball that offers full comfort with each grasp. Its silicone shell resists moisture from sweat build-up and is delicate on the skin.
• EXTENDED DURABILITY AND BATTERY LIFE - Our Hand Gripper provides a guaranteed 80 hours of continuous use once fully charged. 2 hours maximum charging time using USB charger link (Included in the package)

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