Species K9 Training

Species K9 Training
Waco, TX 76643
United States
Welcome to Species K9 training of central Texas. I am Jared Mc Intyre the owner and founder of Species K9 Training. I have had a love for animals sense I was a young boy. My first memorizes are playing with my two dogs Cinnamon and Sugar, brother and sister Brittany Springer Spaniels. It was a dream of mine to work with dogs and training them and their human companions. I have had the honor to be personally mentored by one of the worlds best dog trainer Mike D’Abruzzo, owner and founder of K9-1 Specialized dog training (Fondation Style) and dogtraining.world. His passion and dedication to improve the lives of dogs and their owners has been a lifelong obsession. He is no longer training dogs but educating trainers. With his desire to have dog training standardized and end abuse in dog training he created Foundation Style Dog Training. I am honored to have been trained by him and have pleasure to call him my friend. Thank you, Mike for changing the lives of so many dogs and changing mine as-well.
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