Neitiznot Helmet As you don't have a titan

Allakaket, AK
United States

But no one goes into the wild and risk Torva as well as pernix. This means that you could achieve a single hit of a 4000 when you prank in rune (or something like a 4000, such as just stun them and hit them a few times. It's likely that they'll die. I'm not going to bother with PvP anymore, which is unfortunate other than, obviously, I'm using OP'd out swifts/goliaths.

I've looked up guides for The Fight Kiln but I still have some questions about it. For those who don't possess Augury/Rigour prayers, should I be on curses? If yes, what are the creatures that I SoulSplit on if there are any? If I have dreadnips can be used to swap them with the Dills and put them in my bank account to use for my pickaxe?

Is tanking the Jad's in Ganodermic top and legs feasible or is it worth it to pray or flinch? If I'm bringing 2 tort pouches and an unicorn pouch with scrolls can I substitute the brews with them? I will also be filling an empty Tort with brews prior entering. Help me answer my concerns and provide any more tips. It's greatly appreciated.

If I don't have any Augury/Rigour prayers should I be on curses? If yes, which characters should I SoulSplit , If any? If you don't suck at flashing, soul split whenever you only have a couple of enemies. If you do like flashing, then you could fight 2 meleers or 2 rangers or a small mage, and then split your soul.

If I have dreadnips , can I use them on pickaxe and also bank the dills? It's only if you have a titan, which you surely don't have if using tort. Do you think tanking the Jad's Ganodermic top + legs doable or even more worthwhile to pray switch/flinch?

Prayer switching doesn't have to be difficult. Only flinch if you really truly enjoy it. If I'm taking two tort pouches and a unicorn pouch + scrolls are I able to substitute beverages with these? My gear setupis 1k Diamond Bolts (e) It's pretty certain that runite bolts are better overall. Broads are a good choice, or you might use Karil's.

Neitiznot Helmet As you don't have a titan in your arsenal, you may consider changing to a defensive helm , such as Gano or Verac. Not necessary though. Armadyl Platebody has legs as well. If you're unable to utilize royal Dhide. Chaotic Crossbow Karil's could work, about as effective as bolts made of runite.

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