Metro Atlanta Injury & Wellness Center

Metro Atlanta Injury & Wellness Center
7594 GA-85
Riverdale, GA 30274
United States
Mon-Sat 10AM–7PM
Metro Atlanta Injury & Wellness Center was established in 2012 and is an experienced personal injury chiropractic clinic serving families in the Riverdale community. Over the past few years, our chiropractors in Riverdale have become the leading full-service chiropractors and rehabilitation facility with the best chiropractors in town.

Chiropractic care tends to be more patient-centered, non-invasive, and hands-on, compared to other specialties. It focuses on the joints, muscles, spine, and nervous system. Holistic medicine can help to alleviate your pain and generally improve the quality of your life. We provide chiropractic adjustments to help your body recover naturally and reduce pain.

The chiropractors at Metro Atlanta Injury & Wellness Center focus on improving your total body function by using alternative medicines with special attention to your personal, as well as auto accident injury treatment needs. The team at Metro Atlanta Injury & Wellness Center is comprised of car accident chiropractors, personal injury chiropractors, and sports chiropractors. Our dedicated staff works as a very close team to help patients manage and diminish pain, while re-educating their body with advanced chiropractic treatment.

Have you been dealing with neck pain or back pain from a car accident, slip & fall, or on the job injury? Well, chiropractic care is one of the most reliable pain management options out there. Today, a large number of adults in the United States visit their chiropractor to seek relief from neck pain or low back pain caused by muscle strains, sports injuries, and car accidents.

Do you need a top chiropractor for back pain? If you are looking for a more natural or holistic way to relieve pain after a car accident or injury, our nearby car accident chiropractors in Riverdale, GA at Metro Atlanta Injury & Wellness Center can help. So, if you're in the Riverdale or Clayton County area, give us a call today.

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