Lost Ark Ship feature


Each skill comes with three boosts which are available at levels 4 7, 10 and 4. This is also known as Tripod In Lost Ark. The right Tripod skill is also very vital as these boosts can be different and give you additional stats that you can play with.

There are two tabs that will display different skill presets. This means you can assign PVP abilities in one preset and on another one for PvE. To add more slots it is possible to use Royal Crystals. You will need 100 Royal Crystals per one Preset Slot.

The eight abilities you can equip are called Normal Skills. In addition to Normal Skills, you can also equip one special skill: Ultimate Skill. You can get Ultimate Skill only after you attain the level 50.

According to Amazon Game Studios, the western version of MMORPG Lost Ark will catch up with the existing Eastern version of the game quickly.
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