The Tampa Bay Buccaneers surprised madden 23

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A slew of injuries in Marc Bulger and Issac Bruce affected this season in 2022. The Rams ended the season with a record of 6-10, however, which is still good enough to place them in second place within the premium NFC West. To compete with the Seahawks as the division champion Seahawks the Rams need to stay fit and work on their defense, which ranked 30th in terms of yardage allowed in a game as well as points allowed per game.

On the offensive side, offensively, the Rams remain strong as long as the key players remain fit. Marc Bulger is an accurate pocket passer, and wide outs Torry Holt, Issac remain among the game's most effective receiving combos. Torry Holt has a blazing speed and is best utilized to stretch defenses. The veteran Issac Bruce is a bit slower but is still a great goal-to-pass, especially when defenses are focusing too much on Holt's deep threat.

Steven Jackson is a young promising tailback with promising strength (89 driving). Make use of lead blocking in the back of one of the best left-handed tackles, Orlando Pace. The Rams have improved their defensive line thanks to the addition of La'Roi's Glover. This will enhance the chances for the pass rusher Leonard Little.

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers surprised some with their 2022 season that was a success and a division championship at the NFC South. Even though last year's quarterback Brian Griese was injured and later transferred for Chicago Bears Chicago Bears, young Chris Simms has shown potential. Simms is a quarterback in his early years and is rated as such (low consciousness). Second-year running back Carnell "Cadillac" Williams offers an elusive blend of agility and strength (and the 96-speed acceleration). The Buccaneers are also able to feature strong back Mike Alstott in their rushing attack. Make use of the speedster Joey Galloway to stretch defenses.
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