The July update is just been posted on Lost Ark

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The July update is just been posted on Lost Ark , which introduces the Arcanist , the Punika Powerpass , which allows you to immediately bring a character up to level 1302 for as well as an Express Event as well as new difficulties for the Valtan Legion Raid and more. still. Through the official roadmap on their official website , Amazon Games communicates the new features that will be released during the update period of August and September.

In August , which tends to be a weaker month for video games, the game will come in a little. In reality there will be a Pet Ranch will be added to the game, and we will be able to boost the morale of our pets, control their activities and earn Jelly Cookies, which can be traded for rewards. Also, the Maharaka Festival will also arrive in a brand-new event that will have different prizes on offer.

The September month will see the arrival of two important updates . The first will comprise major technical updates for the back-end. This will set the stage for the second one, that will bring some of the most recent improvement in the quality of life that was recently introduced in South Korea. For instance it will include the Global Chat Room will be enhanced, allowing for better interaction between servers , which includes interacting with people from different servers in Strongholds and the ability to add friends from other servers, better PvP setting, improved guild systems, and improved controller support.

In addition to that, the Machinist will also arrive in September . It's a new subclass with machine guns, laser weapons and drones that are equipped to explode, burn and destroy any threat. When conventional weapons and drone attacks aren't enough to take down an opponent Machinists can use the Hypersync power. Energy cores are able to be charged by attacks and are used by skilled. Machinists are part of Deadeye, Gunslinger, Artillerist and Sharpshooter as the Gunner's fifth advanced class .
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