Shot altitude will be significant in fut 23

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Shot altitude will be significant in the new game as lower powered shots will probably, like the current driven shots, be consistent and will provide you a better prospect of scoring. The same is true for composed finishing, with the game for shooting in ways that are authentic rewarding players. Shots with the outside of the foot will be improved, so you will want to get some players with the exterior of their foot trait in your squad if FIFA 23 is published. Forwards with this trait in FIFA 22 include Ricardo Quaresma, Gonzalo Higuaín and Luís Suárez.

It's so tempting to crush the ball when it sits up well, but whether you are crossing shooting or ball, the truth of volleys will probably be lowered, therefore it will be well worth controlling it and producing a better opportunity.The chances of heading the ball in the net when you are up against a defender look like they'll be lower. If your attacker is in space at the back post, it may differ, but do not expect to swing a crossover into a packed area and score Shearer-style. It'll make it difficult for the attacker to score, when two players are jumping for the ball in mid-air. Also, given that the AI has been improved so that shorter defenders aren't marking both footers, scoring from corners and wide free-kicks may be trickier too.

Working openings will be significant, and sometimes you do need to beat a player instead of passing, but do not spam the ability moves as chaining more than just two ability moves in a row tends to hugely increase the probability of your player losing control of the ball. Manual goalkeeping will not be as effective as EA is making their moves slower to increase the desire. Should you use the right stick to take charge of the keeper, you are going to have to devote to some direction, and that means you're going to be second guessing the attacker. Is it worthwhile? Given that one-on-one accuracy has been enhanced, it may be worth pulling out them.
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