Flood Cleaning and Restoration Long Island

Flood Cleaning and Restoration Long Island
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Flood Cleaning and Restoration Long Island is a fully licensed and insured, local company. We have been providing water damage restoration to the Nassau, NY area for over 10 years. We are a leading disaster recovery and property restoration service in the region. With over 15 years of experience, we offer professional services that include water damage repair, fire/smoke damage restoration, mold remediation and reconstruction. Using our state-of-the-art equipment and techniques for drying wet materials, we are able to tackle any size project with a single call. We are always here for our customers, day or night, 7 days a week, always with a smile on.
Flood Cleaning and Restoration Long Island did an exceptional job remediating our wall which had some water damage. Their lead cleaner was very thorough in his workmanship; I appreciated how he came out to meet me at my schedule!

We were flooded on our first day of trading this year. Our stocks were drowning in basement waters, but they came right away to save us with their fast response time that much is sure.

Flood Cleaning and Restoration Long Island is a top-notch company! I was extremely satisfied with the work they did for me. They were professional, quick to respond when needed, and most importantly very efficient in getting my home back up on its feet after an unfortunate flood damage situation caused by the hurricane last year.

After I noticed mold in my new apartment, the first thing that came to mind was calling this reputable company The Flood Cleaning and Restoration Long Island team. They came on short notice for me before work started early so they could do their job quickly while being accurate with every detail! These professionals know what they’re doing--I give them 5 stars!

When my wife and I were faced with a sewage pipe burst on the second floor of our apartment, it seemed like an insurmountable task. But thanks to Flood Cleaning and Restoration Long Islandg's professional crews who came in droves to help educate us about what we needed do when this happens; We got back up again quickly without any problems!

The Flood Cleaning and Restoration Long Island crew was extremely thorough, efficient and professional throughout the whole process. They kept our property safe, and cleaned up any messes they made with care to make sure everything is perfect for us! I recommend them highly--you won't regret it!

When my wife and I had a sewage pipe burst on the second floor of our home, it was an unfortunate situation that required immediate attention. Luckily for us, we found them who provided fast response times with thorough services at affordable prices!

When my leaky pipes threatened to take over, the crew came in like an angel and saved me from having any more trouble. They were very quick at responding when I had questions about their water damage restoration service or workmanship-I'm happy with how everything went!

Thanks to the hard work and dedication of Flood Cleaning and Restoration Long Island, we were able to restore our house into shape. They cleared out all smoke-related damages for us be able to have a place that was once again fit enough where the family could live comfortably without worrying about air quality or safety concerns from fire hazards.

These professional guys came to my home at midnight and helped with the burst pipes! The crew from Flood Cleaning and Restoration Long Island knew exactly what they were doing- totally fixed everything up for me too so that there are no more problems. I'm thankful as hell because you just don't find companies like this anymore!

If you need mold removal, fire damage, or flood damage repair, contact this Flood Cleaning and Restoration Long Island team. They are attentive and affordable!

We were very pleased with the excellent service we received from this company. After our pipe burst, they came out as soon as possible to take care of it - even working closely together during negotiations with my insurance adjuster!

The professional team is the best in their field! They are quick, thorough, efficient and so affordable. Plus they have some of the nicest people I've ever met-I highly recommend using them for all your water damage restoration needs.

They were able to come in and make repairs on my home quickly. The professional team from Flood Cleaning and Restoration Long Island gave me such great service, they know how to take care of their customers' needs! I would recommend them if you are looking for a company that can provide this type of assistance anytime your property sustains water damage or fire damage!

If you have a leak in your apartment, then Flood Cleaning and Restoration Long Island is the company to call. They came out very quick and took care of everything for us including getting rid of any leaks that may be coming from outside where it's not so easily accessible-which means their prices will suit everyone! Their workers are friendly and efficient, courteous professionals who work quickly without sacrificing quality or cleanliness. I recommend them highly!

They were so professional and courteous. They knew what to do the whole time my house was drying out, which made it easy for me! Highly recommend Flood Cleaning and Restoration Long Island if you need any water damage services done in your home or business.

We had a water leak that caused water damage. The professional crew at Flood Cleaning and Restoration Long Island were right on top of things and dealt with all my questions quickly to make sure we got everything taken care of in time!

The customer service from this company was top-notch. They were professional, honest and quick to respond, which made me feel like they cared about my needs as a new client! I will be recommending them in the future without hesitation because these crews do everything right by you.

The fire damage restoration services from them were amazing. The crews worked hard and I am very happy with their professionalism!

water damage restoration is a difficult process, but the professionals made it as easy and straightforward for me to get back on track. They protected my floors from any damages while they worked tirelessly towards solving my problem--I couldn't be happier with how dedicated these Flood Cleaning and Restoration Long Island!

Flood Cleaning and Restoration Long Island is a company we can't recommend enough. We were in such bad shape after the hurricane, and they came to our rescue with an honest and quick response time despite being busy working on other damage around town! Not only did they give us an accurate assessment of what needed fixing, but also made sure everything would get done within budget before even leaving - talk about customer satisfaction at its finest!!

These guys are the best & efficient! I had a terrible water leak at my house and they came in to repair it fast. They made sure everything was cleaned up good for me, too - really professional service that'll have you feeling confident about using their services again anytime soon.

The staff was very helpful, professional and honest. They arrived immediately to assess our water damage, then set up fans for us while they went about their work of drying out the room! Thanks so much - Good job guys are awesome!

The professional guys came out to my house in an instant. They were able to take care of everything from start to end, including fixing the leaky roof! Flood Cleaning and Restoration Long Island are great for emergencies or if you just want some suggestions on how best to fix your damages.

I had water damage from a leaking roof, and they came quickly out to fix everything! I strongly suggest Flood Cleaning and Restoration Long Island if you have any form of emergency, pipe, or leaking damage on your property.

After my business was hit by a terrible flood, I called Flood Cleaning and Restoration Long Island to see what they could do for me. The guys on the other end were so nice and really took care of all those picturesque water damage problems that had been plaguing me!

The customer service here is second-to-none--I'm 1000% sure this wouldn't be any better if you didn’t come in touch through one of our commercials or ads online because these people know their stuff when it comes down 'bout fixing up damages caused by natural disasters like floods. I can just imagine how efficient their team is in dealing with this kind of work. Bravo to the rest of your team!
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