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While it is a generalization, it's so frustrating that it should be considered when playing 2K22. This game's defense options, settings, AI awareness, and AI are years behind the offense. The offense is incredibly easy, and you have a million options to score quite easily however, the defense is abysmal even with the best defenders. Here are some examples.

AI Centers keep nonshooting centres in the middle, allowing 5 out offenses to be dangerous as. Yes I know you can set AI to "Gap" and "Leave Them" but they still remain close enough and will never be able assist in the paint in a 5 out scenario.

A distinct lack of "Team Defense" options. Today's NBA doesn't have a man defense and doesn't have basic zones. The best defensive teams, like the Jazz use an omni-directional defense that permits Rudy to defend the center of the court at all times as well as the other players to protect the perimeter, but the game does not provide any of these modern defensive options for teams in the game. We must defend the modern offense against an old-fashioned defense. This is why it's so difficult to protect five offenses.

Even when you set AI defensive schemes the AI does not take into account about half of them even after the supposed update to fix this. It is difficult to play an modern NBA small-ball lineup because the AI appears to be unable or unwilling to recognize certain roles. I played a game earlier when Kawhi was the roll defender, and my settings were set to switch all and instead, Kawhi simply watched the ball handler slide towards the rim to create an easy bucket.

2K is focused on defense and offense. We should at the minimum be able run the 4-1 defense as the Jazz to defend against the OP 5 offense. Simulator game modes such as MyLeague and play now are the ones I'm referring to.

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