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Although the career is quite easy, it's the details and variety that will attract the vast majority of people. Your version of MP will closely align with your long-time partner and brand manager Ricky as you pick agents, navigate scandals on social media, as well as broaden your MyCareer outside of the court as well as the game of basketball. Want to concentrate on becoming a fashion guru? You got it. Are you looking to follow in the footsteps Dame Dolla and have a singing career.

All of this is included within NBA 2K22. Although these activities don't often extend beyond a few fetch quests and silly cutscenes It's an interesting addition since a lot of conversations and choices are about life outside of the NBA and what it means to be anything but only an athlete.

Celebrities can have heightened consequences for their actions. You don't have to worry about this. While you can easily grind through matches for higher scores and MP I find this sense of depth, range, and variety very appealing.

MyCareer is currently plagued by the same problems that plague the series for years. Your performance in games is evaluated using the same grading system as previous iterations. This means that you'll often be penalized for decisions that are beyond your control. You can designate your player to defend against an opponent, however when you're presented with an option to display a screen, it's your decision to choose for fighting or to follow the designated player.

In a random way, the player assigned to they are assigned to switches with the player who screened you. The player who screened you, and then runs across the other side of the court. The court is now left open and unattended. It is possible to be hit with heavy 'leave defense assignment' and "defensive breakdown" penalties that may affect your performance but are not actually your responsibility. While it'sn't a major problem, it's been painful enough to make me think of mentioning it here.

Other than a more powerful MyCareer mode most modes are similar. The MyNBA mode lets you take over an entire NBA franchise. It is now possible to assign team members and front office employees to meet the needs of your team. This is an awesome feature that I've only seen in a basketball game.

The W allows you to enjoy an opportunity to progress through the ranks of WNBA, but feels incredibly stripped of its features compared to MyCareer that is the main MyCareer, taking away any personality that The City had and confining these goals and strategies to basic menus. MyTeam however is a mixed bag. Certain aspects of MyTeam are modified, like the higher frequency and variety of card packs with rewards, as well as the evolving themes for the seasons.

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