I'd like to see a greater diversity of meaningful

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When people play other games now it's like they're finding out that TBC and onward is so distinct or it's a different flavour, that's more or less the same as retail or other games: it's all the same things with different tools for grouping and transportationtools, and also different XP bars.

After playing Classic WoW, and then watching the work Blizzard has done in creating honey-todo tasks that keep players playing Burning Crusade, with rep farming and heroic Dungeon grinds, it was evident to me that the game was a hamster-wheel. Activision was greedy and wanted sub goals.

If this is not the best game strategy for you It could be because you weren't a fan of the experience or the people you played with. Also, for certain players, this formula is great. I've found that the treadmill blizzard is something I really enjoy regardless of the model, whether Diablo, Classic or even retail. You should take it as it is and not what you think it's.

They certainly designed WoW to be an MMO It's not just a 'one-off chance for players to enjoy only because of their friends or as a social event, I am nearly certain that a certain type of thinking went into the creation of the game. This was in 2004, and people didn't text or use the internet as frequently as they do now.

Because the formula you refer to is not a strict and straightforward formula It was designed to be obscured by an inter-personal interaction that was at the time unprecedented. It almost always had an impact on the participants. They were adding an extra layer of mystery I believe.

Truth. That's how sub-games operate. It rewards you with all day long to keep you on path to success. This is what I find fascinating about Ffxiv. It's designed with only a tiny amount of time to gating and they've clearly stated that it's okay to unsub in the event of a content shortage and that you aren't slipping behind. They value the time of the user way more than blizzard . They recognize that if they wish to keep the number of subs up , they'll need to produce better content. If I had the chance to play in Azeroth however, with square enix as my boss, I'd probably be gamer maniac across the board.

I'd like to see a greater diversity of meaningful and thematically-focused quests. As it stands the quests can be copied from "go search x chests for the y" or "go killing x of a creature such as y" or "go to the location x and engage with y". Certain quests basically to visit the ancient ruin and get me some rivets... or visit a waterfall and set up an easel. They're lacking any sense or significance. (Of course, some have, like the Pastor Walsh quest line. But it seems that they are extremely rare.

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