That's one way to look at it! Enough players

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It's an unofficial guess, but I'm pretty sure that it is more likely than the other guesses. I have yet to see anyone else guess any of the other possibilities and I'll remain with my own strategies skills. I'm not a huge fan of anything that involves strategy, but hey, anything is better than Sailing, right?

Jagex Publishing launched War of Legends in January 2012. The game was a collaboration between the publisher and UltiZen. It is a real time strategy game that has stunning graphics and interesting gameplay involving cities, alliances and wars, exploration, ect! What did Jagex enthusiasts react to this?

Let's look at the views of two athletes. Yes. New players have 7 days following joining to construct their cities however, if they don't take the initiative and make their way into a powerful alliance, they will soon be the prey of stronger and more established alliances and players.

"It becomes an annoying chore to keep up with the latest news as with other games similar to it." You can't really make anything of the information you have gathered. The game's progress is slow. This is a common complaint. To keep up with your neighbours, you have ensure that your army, city and defense is being improved all day long. It is unnecessary to leave it alone. Your city will be there basically doing nothing and waiting for a threat to attack.

Max my friend and colleague, will explain better. "The actual gameplay was designed for hardcore gamers as it requires you to be online all day long. While you don't need to log in every minute of the day, it's vital that you are playing this game at least part of each day to keep up with other competitive gamers. The top scores feel like they're reserved for those paying and playing all day long."

I also asked players to consider: Do you believe War of Legends will succeed? They all had varied responses, however the majority consisted of the same basic idea. War of Legends is not unique, there are many similar games available on the internet. They are also popular. Does that mean that it won't be a failure? "Evony, Civilization, The Sims and other games that are similar are successful therefore this game must be as well."

That's one way to look at it! Enough players to go around! What about a different perspective? "No it won't be successful. There is nothing that will make this game different from similar games. It's very simple with regards to its combat system using the "scissorpaper-rock" system that makes it difficult to plan.

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