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fsdgfs Rsgoldfast
AS 32654
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This slot is on my current equipment list Melee: Purchased plates and a rune plate, made an adamant full-helm and smithed an adamant warhammer. In my spare time I owned an armored mirror. I have an air combatstaff that is mystic, but no armor. Ranging I have a green dragonhide body, legs and snakeskin boots, as well as a mithril crossbow and steel bolts. I have the ava's device, however it's the lowest level right now.

Other: I own a regen bracelet, amulet, and a few other skillscapes. I am going to use these, after consideration. I'll purchase the equipment from NPC's.

The message was not mentioned in any announcements or updates. I thought it might be interesting to share with others. Dear RuneScape Community - I would like to spend some time to discuss the highly emotive problem that we all face - bots.

When we came to Free Trade and the Wilderness to our rescue, we said that we would integrate it with programs that will prevent the inevitable botting. We have launched a variety of programs to accomplish this over the past few months, some of which we haven't mentioned to you because of legal issues, and others since it isn't our intention to warn bot makers or gold farmers of our countermeasures.

We are dealing with a problem that is still very large, and, most importantly, negatively affecting the game in certain areas, despite all of our best efforts and software. We'll continue to fight bots from all angles. In an effort for more transparency and transparency, we want to share some of the measures and initiatives we are currently releasing/have recently released.

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