Inspired by the opera-themed encounter in wow tbc

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The same thing has been said previously, but I'll try to make it more interesting. You could do this as long as you're having fun. The client you choose to use is merely a matter of preference. WotLK clients are better, since they have access to a range of innovative tools and tools, and they can be modified. Content is usually identical, with the exception of talents and expertise.

You're not wasting your time trying to complete this daunting task to attract a large playerbase. This isn't the case. customized servers. Even if they did their constant enthusiasm for new releases would result in them consuming your whole server in 3 months, when it would take at least 1+ years for it to be completed.

Hello, I would like to thank everyone for your contributions to this subject. Although I didn't anticipate that many comments. What is for certain is that I study each of them with the highest focus. The most important issue is using Azerothcore as well as another emulator to carry out this project as well as to align with my principles. I haven't decided yet but I'll keep this debate open to inform you of my choice.

As a player, it is my preference to use wotlk as a client simply because of its playability. Wotlk is easier to use because it is less demanding on requirement for level mounts and also because its leveling process is more efficient.

The story is that Zeus was thrown out of Olympus by Hera who has assumed the title of Queen of the Heavens and Zeus is mostly in self-pity or is for a major bender. The heroes have discovered a number of dangers that are looming and, as the followers of Gods informally associated with Zeus they are set to search for the God of Thunder to avoid any or a few cataclysms.

On this quest they have found that a great place to start your search is Sparta, Delphi or Athens. I've prepared mini-games for these cities, Sparta having Olympic games, Delphi having riddles ,... and I thought I would add some plays to Athens to interact with in the way.

Inspired by the opera-themed encounter in wow tbc (where you can encounter and defeat Romeo+Juliet, the wizard of Oz characters or the wolf from tiny red riding hood), I've decided to make this the encounter design, or the basis of the encounter at the least. My wife has already suggested 'Amletos, prince of Thrace' as a take on Hamlet however I haven't thought of a way to depict this yet.

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