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Ray Traced Shadows in World of Warcraft Shadowlands have now been allowed on the game's Beta/PTR, and also the very first comparison shots have surfaced on the internet.

Back in April of this year, Blizzard added Ray Traced Shadow options to the game's Alpha. Unfortunately, actual Ray Traced Shadows weren't enabled just yet and those from the Alpha were only able to observe the new choices. According to the alternative's description, it"improves shadow quality together with ray tracing, which generates shadows with more natural softness, greatly increased precision, and out of other light sources."

Players in the alpha were able to pick among the following Ray Traced Shadows choices:

Fast forward four weeks and we can now finally see how the new shadows look in the forthcoming Shadowlands expansion. Before this week we already reported the new NVIDIA Game Ready Driver additional support for the looming new feature in Shadowlands, and several Beta/PTR players have now shared several screenshots comparing Shadowlands together and without the Ray Traced Shadows enabled.

According to Blizzard, the newest option within Shadowlands utilizes DirectX Ray Tracing 1.1 (DXR 1.1) along with a DXR 1.1-capable driver is required to utilize Ray Traced Shadows.We've included the common contrast screenshots down under. As may be seen in these shots, and as may have been anticipated, the ramifications of Ray Traced Shadows are not that clear but do appear to be more powerful in darker areas with low lighting.

Blizzard has updated their minimal required spec to add 100GB storage area for both SSDs and hard drives. Howeverthey warn players who functionality of your hard drive may influence Shadowland's gaming experience.

A couple of Shadowlands beta testers have reported that running the game in an HDD hasn't affected their gameplay or performance in any significant way.

However, it is most likely a great idea to run this game on an SSD anyway (here's our list of Greatest SSDs). If you have a look at games such as Call of Duty Modern Warfare which don't require an SSD but have very large storage requirements, the game is playable but you will encounter painfully long loading times. It is also possible to possibly experience"hitching" in which the HDD is not fast enough to stream assets in real time.

Purchasing an SSD should not be a big problem for most users -- almost all new PCs and laptops come with solid state storage. Plus, with the purchase price of SSDs falling exponentially over the past few years, grabbing a glistening new SSD just for Shadowlands won't break the bank for most budget players.

Contrary to the modern game, there's absolutely not any official'looking for group' system that finds people to play with you and teleports all of you to the dungeon. Instead, you're look for party members in conversation channels in major cities or on your guild, and you may all fly or run together to the dungeon you wish to do. And you will have to go there -- in the first days of Classic, there will be no summoning stones at the instances themselves.

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