Liberty Movement & Wellness

983 Dovercourt Road #2
Toronto, ON M6H 2X6
Monday to Sunday: 10:00am - 08:00pm
Liberty Movement & Wellness began as, and remains, a grassroots studio. We believe practicing yoga or Pilates is its own reward. One person’s practice may be vigorous and flowing, another’s slow and precise. One may have been practicing for years, another just beginning, so sequences are tailored for the individual student.Liberty Movement & Wellness’s teachers are RYT-certified instructors. They are dedicated to the study of the human body and yogic philosophy, our teachers understand and respect the wide array of their students’ experiences. They each teach from their own unique experiences and their classes are infused with a sense of humour and an in-depth knowledge of the body’s workings. The allow people to truly connect with the breath to open the body and mind.
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