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We are providing Korean shopping support service to overseas customers who want to buy Korean merchandise.

We are providing payment forwarding service(it is like a Korean bank transfer relaying service), Buying Korean merchandise service(Merchandise Buying agent), and Providing a Korean Address(It is like a Korean PO box for our customers who need a Korean address), Package Bundling(Bundle multiple packages in to one box) and shipping to worldwide.

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Hi, fans of Korean goodies!

There’s a lot of great merch on global shops of Weverse, BT21, and ecommerce sites. But they don’t always ship outside of Korea.

Fortunately, we can still get these items without paying crazy reseller prices using something called package forwarding service.

Use package forwarding service to get what you want from Korea

Package forwarding service purchase the desired good in Korea and ships the package abroad for you. There are many Korean sites that provide such forwarding service, such as Korgou, KoreanBuddy, MyKoreanBox, and Shippin. How does it work and which one to use?

In this guide we will cover the following:

When (not) to use a package forwarder

How package forwarding works

How much it costs

How to choose a forwarder

When (not) to use a package forwarder

You should not use package forwarding service if there is a licensed retailer that ships abroad.

An authorized or licensed retailer ("retailer" from here on) signs a contract with original brands to buy goods in bulk at lower prices. Since they buy cheap and have the seal of approval from manufacturers (warranty, trademark), licensed retailers can sell you at lower prices with more reliability.

For example, StyleKorean is an authorized international retailer of many Korean beauty brands. This listing of a COSRX Gel Cleanser makes it clear that all of their products are "sourced directly from official brands." As a result, StyleKorean's product prices are quite reasonable. Moreover, thanks to their large scale, their shipping cost is one of the lowest.

Mail, parcel and package forwarding companies in Korea. Package forwarding from Korea allows you to get your favorite Korean products/merchandise to the UK, USA, Singapore, China, Japan and worldwide. Buy things from Korean online stores. Package forwarding companies will provide a Korean address and reship your goods to your country. Free Korean address with discounted shipping worldwide. Compare prices and fees Korean Merchandise.

Do you need someone from Korea to forward your packages? Delivered Korea offers you a free Korean address for shipping, which you can use to deliver your products after purchasing from any Korean online stores such as weverse shop, gmarket, coupang, interpark, and so on. We will then forward your items directly to you no matter where you are in the world. This is the package forwarding service of Delivered Korea.

A forwarding service is a company that acts as a middleman who forwards packages from one location to another. The forwarding service will have a warehouse in the country of the item you want to buy something from (in this case, South Korea). You have the item shipped to their warehouse, and then they will ship it to you.

Upon setting up an account with these services, they will give you that warehouse address and a mailbox number.

You checkout from Weverse (or another international website) like normal, but use the warehouse address in exchange of your residence.

The package will be shipped to the warehouse, and you will get an email notifying your package has arrived. You will then pay for shipping to your home address, and they’ll ship it out.

Korea package forwarding service connects international customers and Korean e-commerce stores. International shipping, private post-office box, and mail forwarding services anywhere in the world. Here's the list of the best package forwarding companies based in Korea. Free Korean address is offered by these package forwarding companies.

Please let us know if you need any more information.

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