Injection Machine Screw Barrel

Hardness After Hardening & Tempering:HB280-320
Nitrided hardness: 950-1100HV
Nitrided layer depth:0.50-0.80mm
Nitrided brittleness: ≤2 level
Surface roughness: Ra 0.4μm
Linearity of screw: 0.015mm/m
Bimetallic layer depth: ≥3mm
Bimetallic hardness: HRC60-72
 bimet allicrrel
we have deeply researched on the barrel and screw for the special engineering plastic,for now much of engineering plastics add the calcium,kaolin,red clay, silica or add Glass fiber, carbon fiber, boron fiber and halogen free plastic to make the original plastic much better to adapt the specific plastic products.On the other hand, it may make the screw and barrel wear and corrosion quickly, In order to solve this problem,we have invented a kind of special alloy powder,whose ingredient contains 25%~50% Wc tungsten carbide.It makes the service life of screw and barrel much more longer than the other kinds of bimetallic screw and barrel.

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