In which location would you like to settle in RuneScape?

If you're coming at Gielinor you're probably coming by Gielinor's World Gate. There's nothing terribly dangerous between Gielinor and Ardougne. The only thing you should be concerned about is a group of hobgoblins. You can get rid of them by first stepping out towards those gates that lead to the Tree Gnome Stronghold and then securing the fence in the orchard of apples. From there it's an easy walk to Ardy without any monsters.

After arriving you're Ardy there is a chance to be able to find a low-paying job in the marketplace in order to save up enough for a trip on a cruise ship to Taverley. Personally, I'd prefer Catherby over Taverley because a seaside farming or fishing village would be a perfect location to settle at. The smell of fish could be avoided by moving in the inland area, near the farmland. Keep in mind that scale theory is real and in an actual Gielinor there is plenty of space between the farms in Catherby and the coastline of Catherby.

It is always possible to take an hour-long boat trip to Taverley to visit the Druids, and then stock up on your "herb" things. Catherby also gives you easier acces to Kandarin area in general without the need to travel over White Wolf Mountain or needing to pay for an entire boat trip each time. There are more possibilities and more opportunities when you have access to the whole Kandarin region.

Catherby could also be more secure because Taverley is surrounded by dangerous areas like an active war zone or dungeon filled with dangerous monsters along with a mountain with fierce wolves, villages populated by goblins, and a temple of violent religious fanatics. If you have to flee the city, your choices are restricted.

Catherby nevertheless is protected the same mountain that holds Taverley within. Catherby does not face any significant threats in the vicinity to be concerned about. The only threat could be the renegade knights as well as the sorceress that leads them over at Keep Le Faye but their conflict has to do not with Camelot and King Arthur and not Catherby.

Most importantly, the safest and most comfortable life style is to be wealthy and become an upper-class person at one of these major cities. East Ardougne or Falador would probably be the best options and Varrock would be fine for as long as you avoid those areas that are more dangerous to live in the city. Getting rich is the hard part but I feel like the best opportunity to do that will be in Kandarin as it's the most risky of the three major human kingdoms.

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