How to Start Kungelanium Guardian Raid in Lost Ark


How do I Start Kungelanium Guardian Raid in Lost Ark

Have you been unable to figure out the best way to begin the Kungelanium Guardian Raid in Lost Ark? This new mission is centered on one of the latest bosses that has been added in the game, and people are dying to learn how to access the Kungelanium Guardian Raid. Here is everything you should know about starting the quest.

How to Start Kungelanium Guardian Raid in Lost Ark

In order to even get the chance to fight Kungelanium during the Guardian Raid in Lost Ark Your character should be at a minimum iLvl 1460 or higher , and that you have defeated each of the previous Guardians. Because this is a level 6 raid, that means you'll have to defeat the following:
Similar to other Guardian Raids in the game, you can take part in the Kungelanium battle twice daily. All you have to do is connect with your Guardian Raid bulletin board in any city that is major in the game, and begin the fight from there. Note that you'll need to be finished with the campaign and have unlocked North Vern in order to access it.

All you need to learn about starting playing the Kungelanium Guardian Raid in Lost Ark. If you're still seeking more information about the game, be sure to visit the remainder of Twinfinite to read the rest of our guides. They contain numerous tips, tricks and FAQs.

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