Harvest the herbaceous plants and Eluned

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Start by talking to this rebel elf leader (why do they all have difficult to pronounce names?) Ariannwyn. He will say he is preparing a mission for you, but until thenhe needs you to do a favor for Llyeta's physician. Head over to the newly added hospital at Llyeta and speak to the doctor. He will mention the vials that Mourners throw . It ends up that they examine that things innocent people they capture.

The medication he gives them is made from particular herbs in a garden in the woods. Lately, one of Lord Iorworth's men declared that he was carrying the garden. Your mission (for this section of component ) would be to beat him up, harvest the herbs, replant the backyard someplace, and burn the area down so Iorworth's group of"investigators" can not use the herbs to make new potions. You are given 2 pouches and a pair of instructions. Follow them to get into the garden. Defeat the elf warrior to get a rake and spade.

Harvest the herbaceous plants and Eluned will seem to aid you. Give her pouch together with the herbs, along with a she will take some pots and replant the herbs. Twist the water spell and it'll die. Go with Eluned.

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