Harrison Smith - SS -


Harrison Smith - SS -

Much of Minnesota's defensive prowess can be attributed in part to Harrison Smith, who, over the last nine years averaged more than three interceptions a season and has racked up six Pro Bowl selections. There are many other Viking defensive players have earned an income and left the team to only modest success. It turns out that having one of the strongest of the safeties with a high level of protection is an essential element to the success of a particular corner.

Justin Simmons - FS -

Justin Simmons arrived in Denver right after the infamous No Fly Zone defense in Denver dissipated. Denver was desperately in desperate need of someone to step in and play a role on defense. Simmons was exactly the type of player they needed. Simmons is averaging two interceptions or more in each of his first five seasons, including five in the last season alone which took the ball from some game's most gifted receivers. Simmons and the Broncos are also delighted to see that his tackle numbers are rising each year.

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