Go Both Ways Even If You Were Born Straight.. Or Curly

Lance Lanza

Go Both Ways Even If You Were Born Straight.. Or Curly

Input by Lance Lanza Hair Salon in Beverly Hills


Curl on Up!

If you have naturally curly hair, it’s not difficult at all to get your mane under control. Be sure to shampoo, condition and style with moisturizing products. Follow my fast tips for frizz-free tresses!

1. Blow-dry with a diffuser.

2. dont touch your hair more than necessary.

3. 3. Use wide-toothed combs and picks to place your strands, never brushes (unless your are straightening).

4. A quick spritz of anti-frizz lotion on dry tresses adds shine and keeps flyway’s at bay.

 Curly Hair with IRon

Straighten Out!

Don’t be envious of girls with curls! Instead, make the most of your straight hair….you can have shiny. Sleek locks in minutes!

1. Try spritzing damp strands with a silicone-based spray before blow-drying

2. Blow-dry with a paddle brush.

3. Apply styling products sparingly to keep extra weight to a minimum.

4. Volumize at the roots for the best results. Try a volumizing spray or mouse.


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