EA did not even try to alter the design of the mode

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There are some problems with the moves, including the maddening kick meter lag however, there are cool new moves that are enjoyable to try. The side shot, dead leg, and dead legs are three new strategies that assist in combating defense. This increases the number of possibilities to make the defender not miss. Through these techniques, the gameplay is slightly less repetitive as is something players desperately need.

Franchise mode has been completely ignored and is similar to the previous year's Madden, which was already quite similar to the previous year's Madden. EA did not even try to alter the design of the mode. If this was a mode that created Madden players fall in love with the game, then it's worth $60 to get the updated version.

This portion of the game has been pretty much unchanged over the past two years and it's a major slap on the back of people who bought the game. It's sneaky tactics like this that make a large portion of EA sports games so bad.

The majority of the issues on the field have been sorted out very well such as run defense, which had become difficult to stop in the previous entry, but it's seen a tenfold improvement here. Also, tackling in open fields is smoother and more animated, with more realistic tackles.

The previous version caused the opponents to leap into the air like super-heroes. Basic maneuvers can now be performed using the right stick, so that avoiding enemies feels much more intuitive than it did before. It also results in a smoother and more comfortable running.

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