During the instruction, everything is secured

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During the instruction, everything is secured. The first step is to unlock a restricted set of capabilities they could use, including defence, thievingand fishing and a combat ability that they choose. In addition, they need to take their time through the first game by unlocking new skills as they advance.Duel Arena Duel Arena was closed (and demolished!) to start the new year after some changes made in November. The rise in scams and RMT spammers started to create an established feature have to change. Yet those changes were always intended to be the beginning of a replacement. That replacement is designed to be more secure but yet still designed to let players get the duel (and reward) that come with good competitiveness.

The PvP Arena is played in this way simply say that you're looking to fight and the system will handle it. Continue to play and will be notified of a possible match and once you've confirmed it, you'll be transferred to the PvP alternate save world to face against a player with the same skill level.

Since these PvP battles are taking place on a different server, once you're a participant in the battles, all your levels and items are lost and you'll receive a standard list of stats. After that, you'll have to select a type of combat that will boost certain stats. You then pick a second battle style, which is different from your one you chose.

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