Do you believe this is sustainable wow

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Do you believe this is sustainable? Can you imagine being able to sustain the speed of pretty extensive content?

So far. [laughs]

Yeah, so far. Our team has grown steadily over the years And it's also all about doing the right thing. We've learned to create WoW over the course of more than 12 years. Some people have been working on WoW here for more than 15 up to sixteen years. We've gotten more adept at working on patches simultaneously and of combining large patches and smaller patches. For instance, 7.1.5 was not the same amount of time to work on for an upgrade or larger patch. So, in the end, it's extensible with not excessive rigor on our end.

We know and remember well the narrative , or the feelings from Warlords in which players were very happy at first, and following that, there was the complaints we heard which you mentioned, regarding droughts. It was a huge target for us prior to Legion and we'll never see how it's been going up to now however, it's felt like 7.1 was released at a time which players were very content with it, and 7.1.5 came at a time when players were very happy with the game. Even with those updates coming out, we still get the zone of the Raid Nighthold coming, I think, not feeling like it's way too late. It's coming in a appropriate time for players, despite the fact that everything else have been developed and released during the time.

Since these patches regularly come out, has that helped players remain more active? When an expansion is on, there's always an enormous influx of players. However, it appears to be a gradual tapering off. Do regular content have helped to reduce the effects of this?

The thing we did in 7.1.5 is that we made it easier for new players and alts to join in so that they could catch up with others and other players. There's never been an ideal time to play. I believe that any date that we will have an update to come out, and allow other players to jump into the game, even if they did not start at the time of the expansion launch, is something we're very excited about.
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