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The initial NBA 2K version was released on next-generation consoles. It was unbalanced and was broken. The next generation's "City" featured players who ran for 1,000m from A to B in order to play. While it's an adequate size City in 2K22, 2K Concepts cut out a significant portion of the random, unoccupied buildings, making the City appear smaller.

2K is adding seasons to their City and Current Generation copies of the game, giving players a unique perspective during their gaming experience. You can earn XP by advancing your level and also earn "REP" in myPlayer. You can also get boosts and other items for free every season. Each season will offer 40 levels that give you boosts, animations and vehicles as gifts.

NBA 2K22 will feature the voices of all 30 NBA Teams. This includes Marcus Tucker, voice of the Memphis Grizzlies inside FedExForum, who will be in 2K22.

2K22 has brought two matchmaking facilities to City. If you're on your own you can participate in 3V3 matchmaking with two random players. This mode allows for there to be no teams. This mode lets you play 3V3 against player, 1V1 person vs. players, 3V3 AI vs. Cage matches 3V3 and 3V3 Player vs. Player.

Additionally, 2K added quite a number of badges to MyCareer. The list is below however Have you ever played with a bigmanbut missed at the rim with the help of a Point Guard on you? A new badge "Mouse inside the home", allows your big man to perform better against smaller players.

2K on a Ship? Yes 2K22 will be placed on a ship for consoles of the current generation. As with the next generation consoles the current generation consoles will use similar structure "seasons" that will permit XP to be gained, together with your players "REP."

2K hopes to bring the same excitement to the current generation consoles featuring six levels of The Cancha Del Mar. Each season, as per 2K, this boat will dock at various locations in each season. This gives players an experience that is different from their journey to 99 and more.

Current generation will also receive a few new badges in the 2K21 generation. Be sure to look out for the badges on MyCareer. The New Year's Day basketball merchandise NBA 2K22 arrived on September 10exactly as scheduled. To meet the needs of different players, NBA 2K22 this year still uses two versions: the current and the upcoming generation.

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