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Blizzard hopes that through the storytelling hooks and new mechanics and the ability to check on beloved characters it will continue to sustain the game's success. The studio shut down reporting active subscribers in the year 2015 and the rise of online games and genres like the loot shooting and battle royale have meant that it's no more the uncontested king of the social-focused online game.

"[Players will] drop off because of a variety of factors. Sometimes it's because I was in a foreign country, or I moved," Kowalkowski said. "I think what we do is try and create an engaging game we can. Rise of Azshara was created in response to many of the feedback we got from both internal and externally, in terms of seeking to give players greater autonomy, more options."

The process of maintaining the game includes welcoming new players who have been absent for long periods of time, or even ones who had not been a part of World of Warcraft before. With so much to do in the past 15 years, Rise of Azshara attempts to improve the speed of on-ramps than it has ever been and to let players to keep up with their fellow players who have already poured hundreds of hours into the game.

"Something that we're investigating particularly with Rise of Azshara is making sure that characters do not lapse at any point upon their leveling scale; they can quickly get up to the point where they're playing with their friends within Nazjatar as well as Mechagon," Feasel said. "So If you're among those players who stopped playing after the Tides of Vengeance came out, it's going to be simple for you to get your next level up to gain your first Essence. If you're not falling behind, you can join in and begin playing with them, start gathering essences straight away."
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