Blizzard hopes that through stories and mechanics

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Blizzard hopes that through stories and mechanics that it has developed and the ability to check in with its beloved characters, it will keep the game's success. The company shut down reporting active subscribers in 2015 and the increase of other online games and genres such as the loot shooter and battle royale have meant that it is no longer the most popular social-focused online game.

"[Players can] quit for a variety reasons. Sometimes it's just because I have moved or traveled abroad," Kowalkowski said. "I think what we do is try and create the most exciting game we can. Rise of Azshara was created in response to lots of feedback was received both internally and externally, in terms wanting to give players more freedom, and more choices."

Part of sustaining the game involves welcoming players who may have relapsed for a long period of time, or even ones who had never previously played World of Warcraft before. With so many things to do in the past 15 years, Rise of Azshara attempts to enhance the smoothness of the on-ramp than ever before and allows players to connect with their fellow players who have already poured hundreds of hours of the game.

"Something that we are studying in particular with Rise of Azshara is making certain that characters don't fail in any way on their levels, and are able to quickly reach the point of being able to play with their buddies at Nazjatar in addition to Mechagon," Feasel said. "So should you be one of those players who stopped playing at the time that Tides of Vengeance came out, it's going to be very easy for you to reach the next level to gain your first Essence. If you're not falling behind, and you can just jump in and start playing with them, start gathering essences straight away."
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