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Valeria Karat is the only Shuvani in Russia (Gypsy witch). From childhood she has been practicing real witchcraft and conducts magical rituals. In her office all reigns and rules the atmosphere of mystery and magic, here you will hear the smells of strange herbs, invisible voices and something that can not be explained in common words.

Valeria Karat is the only sorceress that conducts all their magical rites exclusively together with you. You will see all the sacrament of the rite with your own eyes, you will read spells with her, and in a few days you get everything you came for. Her magical rituals of the old believers she spends mostly in cemeteries and swamps.

From the most ancient times to the present day the culture of the gypsies is shrouded in numerous secrets. There are legends about the prophetic abilities of this nation - it both attracts and causes fear among ordinary people.

The united gypsy nation was not formed at once, so our people can be divided into several clans. I belong to the ancient 'Atsinganos' family, which was famous for its powerful pythonic and magical powers. For centuries, my ancestors have accumulated the sacred knowledge and folk wisdom of the Ancient East, passing the most valuable information from generation to generation. It was the representatives of our family who were turned to for magical help, who were asked for love spells and healing.


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