beer fermentation tank

Ningbo Huanrun Vessel Manufacturing Co., Ltd
Industrial Zone Xizhou, Xiangshan
Corinne, UT
United States
Technical Description:
■ This system can meet beer mashing requrements, inoulding mdt mllig, moshing, Wart flration, wort bail, whidpod, cooling, oxygenote and so on.
■ All tonks were mode by SUS304, in accordance with the standard of food hygiene and safety stoandards. Steam heoting.
■ The tonk is equipped with variable frequency mixer which con ochieve the change of ootating speed from 0 to 50r/min and meet the requirements of
rototing speed for mashing mixing and fltration tank mixing.
■ Automotic control or semi-automotic control wil design according with customer requirements.
■ Input and output of material and sel-circulation are connedted by sanitation pump and hose.
■ Connedion type of pipelines for equipments is quick assembly which is convenient for deaning, maintenance and epair during produdion.
■ Resonable design, delicoted process, nice oppearance, durable service, easy for operotion, repair and mointenance.

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