Andrews & George Company Limited

Andrews & George Company Limited
125 West 3rd Avenue Vancouver
Vancouver, BC V5Y 1E6
ANDREWS & GEORGE COMPANY LIMITED is a multi-generational import/export company with many years of principles and experience behind its staff and leadership. Andrews & George was founded and incorporated in 1892 by William H. Andrews and Edward W. George, importing foodstuffs, specialized machinery, and tools to Japan, and has been a family-owned business since that time. After the end of WWII, the company flourished thanks to the safeguarding and contributions of loyal staff in Tokyo and the guidance of the next leader, Richard Andrews. A century later, the company was under the control of John Harrison, the great-grandson of William H. Andrews. Today Andrews & George specializes in the distribution and importation of high-quality tea products, specializing in authentic, traditionally produced Japanese matcha. Our house brand is DōMatcha.
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