AMK Products

800 Airport Rd
Winchester, VA 22602
United States
Here at AMK Products, Inc. we offer a high percentage of USA made fasteners. We are very proud to offer fasteners “Made of Steel in USA”.

AMK capitalizes on its founder’s knowledge of metal working by designing tooling for use by its cold heading manufacturers. This is unheard of in the fastener distribution business. The work involves specifying fine details such as the drive entrance chamfer on screws such as Phillips, TY-1A (Pozidriv) and 6-Lobe or the radius of a bumper bolt head, or the shape, diameter and depth of a hex head indention or the flat face diameter on a hex head cap screw or the intricacy of a complex marking.

AMK contracts directly with manufacturers who produce fasteners to our specifications. This requires purchasing tremendous quantities and large financial outlay. “Quantity is King” is an old saying in the fastener business. Setting up a cold heading machine is an expensive and time-consuming job. Large production runs such as AMK commissions significantly reduce our cost and are key to making USA made fasteners competitive with overseas competition. AMK has about 1.5 million lbs. or 40 million fasteners on hand, stored in three warehouses.

We work with manufacturers, particularly in Illinois, Michigan, Ohio, Massachusetts and North Carolina and pledge to produce a minimum of 80% of all fasteners offered, right here in USA!

AMK offers a wide range of finishes. Finishes are super important at AMK. Most zinc and cad finishes are protected with a 20% wax coating, special care is taken to be sure our phosphate finishes are properly pickled before the phosphate process, plus we are now transitioning to phosphate with Delta Seal Black for applications with greater environmental exposure.

We like photographs at AMK! A true image of the product is a rarity in this business, in contrast every AMK item features an actual image. What you See is What you Get.

AMK Products thanks you for your business!
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