Air Duct Cleaning in Lansing, MI

1900 Remsing DR
Lansing, MI 48911
United States
Monday-Saturday 9am-5pm

The most effective and efficient way to clean an HVAC system is by using the “Push-Pull” method or referred as negative air. This is the method we use to clean an HVAC system.


Amber’s Air Duct Cleaning has the Most Powerful Gas Portable Air Duct Cleaning Machine in the world. Meanwhile, our high powered gas air compressor delivers 200 psi to breakup and push the contaminants into our air duct cleaning machine.

Agitate & Push

An air line is connected to the gas air compressor, rods are connected to the air line, and agitation tools like whips are attached to the rods. These rods travel throughout all of the ductwork with agitation tools cleaning.

Pull & Suction

The strongest gas portable air duct cleaning machine in the world is used in almost every home. It has a 31HP Van Guard motor that generates more than 7,000+ C.F.M & has 12-24 inches of static lift.
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