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Two WoW Classic players reach level 60 In Ultra-Hard Challenge Without Dying

The last week's announcement of World of Warcraft Classic Season of Mastery has seen a number of the game's most committed players face the "hardcore" effort at least level 60 without losing their life. After more than three days of playing, a leveling duo has become the first players to achieve the feat in the game's seasonal servers.

According to Wowhead as reported by Wowhead, players Tommysalami and Tactics were the first to complete the task of reaching level 60 after 76 hours using a paladin and Rogue duo. The team relied on an add-on for leveling guides called RestedXP the two players done work on and played with, to meet their goal.

The term "hardcore" refers to the fact that WoW is a community-drive playstyle in which players attempt to see how far they can reach without dying. It often times also means refusing to utilize things like auction houses within the game or obtaining assistance from non-hardcore players. Death while playing a tough character implies making a commitment to never ever again play the character that was killed.

WoW Classic Season of Mastery comes with some features for players who are playing official hardcore at first since players can speak to a specific NPC to receive a "Soul of Iron" buff, which indicates that the player is not yet to be killed. The buff is lost upon dying, even though the game does not go so far as to remove players who are defeated.
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