A short story ced on Chromie's past is prominently

A short story ced on Chromie's past is prominently included in the collection of stories from WoW lore, which some fans have received in advance of the book's official May 25 publication date. The story's narrator starts by referring to Chromie as he/him, but when Chromie is subjected to a right of passage, known as the Visage Ceremony, the character is described as she/him in both her gnome and dragon forms.

WoW gamers are in wait mode as players of Shadowlands remain waiting for the first major content patch, Chains of Domination, as WoW Classic players are getting ready to step through in the Dark Portal with the arrival of The Burning Crusade Classic on 1 June.

Blizzard Reduces Price Of WoW Burning Crusade Classic Cloning Fee After Player Outcry

World of Warcraft Classic's upcoming Cloning of characters will see prices cut following an protest by players. The cost of copying an individual character so it can be used across both WoW Classic Era realms as well as the new Burning Crusade Classic realms will start at $15. down from the original price of $35 that Blizzard had previously announced.

All existing WoW Classic realms will be immediately converted onto the Burning Crusade expansion with the release to the Burning Crusade pre-patch on May 18. The day after players will have to select on a character-by-character basis if they wish to play on Burning Crusade servers or to transfer the realm to Classic Era realms that won't be able to progress to the next expansion. Cloning characters for an additional fee allows that character to play in each version of the game.
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